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  1. How to Use Automatic Login on Mac OS X
  2. How to Use Automatic Login on Mac OS X
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How to Use Automatic Login on Mac OS X

First go to system preferences and then go to suers and groups. Then click the lock and enter your password.

If automatic login is unavailable for an account

Next interact with the users groups and login options and then vo right arrow to the login options group. Then stop interacting with the login options group and then vo left arrow to the auto login popup and then press vo space bar on it. Then choose you're login from the popup menu by using the up and down arrow keys to locate it and then press vo space bar on it. I got the dimmed checkbox also but was informed that because I mistakenly had File Vault enabled and it had already started encrypting, I could not turn File Vault off and thus enable automatic login.

  • Disable Automatic Login Programatically.
  • Set your Mac to automatically log in during startup.
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Since then VoiceOver has become so sluggish it's unusable. I think the only solution may be a factory reset. Is the factory reset process accessible? Skip to main content. Search this site.

How to Use Automatic Login on Mac OS X

Never seen that happen, the tellers in my bank are even require a login even when they walk away fro their terminal for 15 seconds to get a customers cash withdrawal from the central cash dispensing machine…. Yep, I use automatic login. Even my headless Mac Mini is configured for automatic login, so apps like Arq and iTunes can operate. The only exception is FileVault on a notebook: Maybe, if I could arrange for a password prompt to appear when I press a key, without automatically locking it, I would desire no automatic login.

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Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Enter your email address below: Posted by: Wharf Xanadu says: May 8, at 2: May 9, at Howie Isaacks says: May 8, at 4: Or you need to create a guest account to allow the login, so you can put a password in your main account. The problem is that every time your machine boots, you need to choose your user.

It would be handy if your guest account would login by itself. But then you would need to logout first and after that login in your main account. It will disable autologin and you can choose between your accounts. So you can put a password in your account, and enable the automatic login for the guest account.

How To Disable Automatic Login on Mac OS X

To recap: Put a password in your main account At every boot ONLY after the blue screen appears press and hold SHIFT, it will disable autologin, otherwise you Mac will login with guest account for the thief and your tracking programs can do their job. I haven't tested this one.

I think the need to login to the machine is the great weakness of some of these anti-theft programs. I hope when Apple implements the 'Find My Mac' option in Mobile Me this is not a requirement, but just that the machine can find a nearby open WiFi network to grab and send a location. Temporarily disable automatic login 5 comments Create New Account. The following comments are owned by whoever posted them. This site is not responsible for what they say. Temporarily disable automatic login Authored by: M-3 on Apr 25, '11 The timing of when you push shift does different things in the startup process.

royal-card.kz/includes/nibeqeg/4173.php Holding shift from approximately the "Chime" will boot you into safe mode. Holding shift from the blue screen will temporarily disable autologin.

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Holding shift from immediately after login will disable login items. I can't see this feature documented in any of apple's externally available support documentation. M-3 on Apr 26, '11