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  1. Four Ways to Force Quit a Stuck Mac App
  2. 4 ways to Force Quit an app on your Mac - CNET

While technically speaking, "force quit" is a term applied to Apple's Mac computers , the same premise applies to Windows -based PCs. Utilizing the Windows Task Manager, you can force your computer to shut down unresponsive programs so you can get back to work as soon as possible. Here's how to do it. Note that if your system is completely frozen, it may take a few moments for this screen to launch. In the Processes tab, look under the Apps heading for the program which is unresponsive. If you don't already know which app is causing the problem, you will see it listed as "Not responding" under the Status column.

Four Ways to Force Quit a Stuck Mac App

Click on the program you wish to quit and click End Task at the bottom right-hand corner of the Task Manager. The program will then quit. Business Insider Tech.

Highlight a program and click End Task. In the dropdown menu that appears, hit "Force quit Select "Force quit In the popup window, select the offending program and hit "Force quit.

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Simultaneously press the "command," "option," and "escape" keys. Note that the option key is also sometimes referred to as "alt," and that the escape key just reads "esc. The same force quit window will pop up, and you can select which program you want to force quit.

4 ways to Force Quit an app on your Mac - CNET

Select the program you want to close. In your dock, right click on the program you want to close's icon. A menu should pop up with "Force quit" as an option; click it to force quit, and the program should shut down. Direkt in den deutschen Mittelstand investieren und feste Zinsen erhalten. Der Artikel wurde versandt. Steven John , Business Insider.

Fixing a frozen app: Why Mac OS apps freeze

Force quitting a program will sacrifice any unsaved changes you've made, so do it with care. There are three different ways to force quit on a Mac , and each of them should work to get you out of the troublesome program. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.

How to Force Quit Any App on Mac (2018)