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In this case, 34 pages for records will be created. In index.

Digital Guardian Data Protection for your OS X environment

It will be removed from the final product, but will prevent the template from being loaded if it does not exist. Record Image] tag within an [item] tag set. If a [fillColor] optional is specified, the image will be exported and if it cannot be scaled down proportionally to fit exactly to the bounds specified, filler color will be used around the edges.

Otherwise, an image of "best fit" is exported. The width and height of this image may be smaller than the [imageHeight] and [imageWidth] specified, but never larger. Optionally, you can create a preview. Store images for this template in a different folder than "images". This way they will not be copied over to the final product. Also, a style.

Launch Data Guardian and open the Export window. Choose the folder you just created for your template. It will then be added to the templates popup menu if it was created successfully. Perform an export as desired using your new template! Click the iDevices button on the toolbar. Specify a Database Name, and check the fields to export. Select the iPod or iPhone in the device list and click Connect. Choose Upload.

Editors' Review

The database should now appear on the iPod under the Notes section. Ability to synchronize with. Mac or iPod. Librarian Pro database import option. Sync over MobileMe. Sync same-name records to most recent version and keep a log of record deletions, and provide the option of synchronizing deletions as well. Add ability to delete databases when the password is forgotten. Auto-lock when backgrounding on iPhone OS 4. Perhaps put field names above content. Copy Password option may not work.

Koingo Software, Inc. | Data Guardian 4 for Mac & PC: Securely store passwords and more!

Custom collection icons. Is UFT8 fully supported? Landscape mode. Retain field values when loading a preset. Data guardian is where I store all of my passwords but it is inconvenient to use at times. At times I dont want it to close when the phone sleeps especially if I am paying bills and so on, so I turn off the auto-lock.

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However, that means I either have to go into the settings and turn them back on or close the app completely by using the iOS to kill the app. It would be convenient if there was a button on the database page that would allow you to exit the database and manually lock it. Also it would be convenient if it didn't stay in he background when locked.

Data Guardian

Share mySQL database with desktop version. Collections Custom icons The ability to assign a default "preset" to each collection, so when creating a new record while viewing a certain collection, the desired preset will be used. Move records between collections. In the main window, add a third pane like Apple's Address Book to show record information instead of spawning a new window. Manual sort option for records and collections list.

Digital Guardian data protection for your OS X environment

If printing As Displayed, overflow should print on other pages horizontally. Current default does not allow a lot of fields to be printed in landscape view. Also, it would be ideal if the printing portion also contained a preset option whereby a Collection could have a defined set of views via a preset drop down to print with specific fields, so that each time printing requirements changed, there is no need to go through and check or uncheck fields, rather, just choose a different preset.

Drag reorder fields Contextual menu for fields should yield a convert field type option.

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Ability to change size of the notes window. Voice Entries QuickTime. Field text masks. Calculation field. Auto-fill fields. Press a button and containing collections are highlighted. Automatically deselect the current line and always select and jump to the newly entered record.

Include a numeric field for sorting and for searching by range. Save window positions and dimensions. Link to a file on disk instead of importing into the database. Export to include additional column which lists which collections a record belongs to. General Add separators in the Quick Browser. An option to center the data screen top center on the master screen by default when using multi displays.

New multi-column sort options sort by first, second, and third. Support for nested groups.


Ability to view images attached with the Files button. Alternatively, add the ability to view a full image attached to a record with the Picture field, rather than just the thumbnail. Ability to disable the Black Glass theme in the Quick Browser as well. Ability to increase the text size in each individual record window instead of an overall text size increase. Field Types Data Guardian supports a variety of field types for easily storing data in an applicable format. Some of these are as follows: Normal Text a single-line field for basic data like a login, serial number, or so forth.

Launches the applicable application to handle the type of URL specified. For example, your FTP client will be launched for addresses beginning with ftp: E-Mail Address a blue and underlined single-line field with a Go button. The Go button launches your computer's mail client and addresses a blank message to the specified address. Phone Number a green and underlined single-line field for phone numbers with a Dial button. Supports letter dialing such as: When pressed, the Dial button uses the modem in the computer to dial the number on the connected phone line.

A modem must first be specified in the Preferences window. Large Text Field a field supporting multiple lines of text useful for notes. The scollbar becomes active if numerous lines of text are entered.

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  • Password secure field for storing passwords. Text cannot be copied or pasted from this field when the contents are hidden. Toggle between secure and unsecured mode by choosing the Hide or Show button next to it. In addition, also includes a Randomize button which generates a new random password based on the template in the Preferences window. Date a field which contains a static date such as a birthday, join date, anniversary and so forth.

    The included Set Date button will bring forth a Calendar window in which to set or clear the date. Date Checking options are configurable in the Preferences window. Picture a field used to store an small 64x64 pixel image. Drag and drop an image to this field, or use the Set Image button to insert content.

    This field can also act as the icon for the record if the "Use this image as the record icon" option is checked. This is only available for the first picture in the record. Import records from a text file Data Guardian can import a variety of data formats from flat text files. Importing from a regular flat text file Open or create a database for the results of the import to be placed.