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I can name a lot of apps that have no chance to get included in a Mac App Store: torrentclients, stuff that conflicts with Apple interests now or down the line, controversial programs that have to do with WikiLeaks or programs that let you access adult themed material. Who knows. The whole idea is a step back from free computing, in my opinion.

Probably not. I love your software, and I want to support you. So for now, I buy nothing from the app store if I have it. Douglas Nup.

App Store changes 'Free' button to 'Get', likely due to in-app purchase controversies - 9to5Mac

All pricing is handled by pricing tiers that set the price globally. And the tiers are all constant, no matter what the current exchange rate is. Then when new versions come out they will buy using the App Store. That leaves the customer with the choice of buying directly through the developer for full price knowing they will get future discounted updates versus the convenience of buying through the app store along with a lower upfront price but having to pay full price again for the next major release.

It seems like that is best middle ground for developers right now unless and until Apple changes their stance on upgrades. Congrats on making it for the opening for the App Revolution in Distribution! Thrilled to see all of your apps there, but I am disappointed that we will not be enjoying the seamless updates provided by the MacAppStore…. Is there no way to provide your previous users a redeemable code for the store, and to deactivate our previous licenses? I would surely trade my license for a redeemable code.

Plus, what if they do allow upgrades suddenly? And if there were, it would be limited to a small number, like Would I be able to install on more than one Mac without any license conflicts? If not then that would be one benefit buying from MAS. One benefit buying direct is the option of Paypal. And also peace of mind that discount upgrade pricing would be available.

And yes, we get a higher cut. The choice is ultimately yours! My two cents: Continue to support as many customers as humanly possible. Both through the app store, and outside of the app store. Apple wants to get this right.

How to stop the Mac App Store from saying you have no previous purchases

By not rejecting them and making the decision to ride along on this crazy journey, while at the same time being devoted to your customers, you are showing why Panic is Panic. What about actually knowing who your clients are name, email, etc? Does this mean you will focus less on programs like CandyBar that require root access to do what they need to do?

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Anyway- love Panic. Love Apple. The App Store feels like it hurts the independent software industry though. Am I just fearing change here?

What to do, what to do.. According to the help for the Mac App Store As I understand it, none of these can be incorporated into the MAS. I have seen several developers going MAS exclusively, such as Pixelmator. I know over time the percentage will shrink as paid upgrades occur, but that will be a long time coming.

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You must not have a mother with a mac. You need to copy that app into your Applications folder instead. Then you can safely eject the virtual disk and move the disk image to the trash. On Windows you download a file, which launches a setup wizard. Next, next, I agree, next, finish. The fact that many people have a problem with the OS X installation process is a sad reflection on society — that so many people are not prepared to learn how to use the tools they have.

My own wife still refuses to learn how Finder works and therefore regularly has issues finding files to open — even understanding that they are just files. I will continue to buy applications directly from you as long as you continue to offer the option. Joram, you have fallen for the common fallacy that all pirated copies are lost sales and no pirated copies result in new customers.

Outlook App Store

Neither are true. I actually know a few people who have pirated Panic products and gone on to be enthusiastic customers and evangelizers. Please continue to distribute your software outside of the AppStore. I also agree with your idea! Panic, please, do not punish your users only using the MAS as it did Pixelmator. I do not buy more Pixelmator and license version 1. Many people continue to buy your software much more willingly, especially if you can call and every Mayor Release can avoid buying the software from scratch.

Without reading your blog first, I want ahead and bought Transmit 4. You guys make great software and I want to continue supporting you. However, the disconnect between the app store and just buying directly, in terms of license transferrals and what not, is just ridiculous. Your App Store Purchased list click the Purchased button in the toolbar is a permanent record of your interactions with the store. My Purchased list, like my clothes closet, still includes things I bought in But you can hide them: Control-click anywhere in the segment that describes the item, choose Hide Purchase in the pop-up menu, and confirm the decision in the dialog.

Getting your hidden purchases back in the list is also a cinch, although it takes more steps. Most interrupted downloads pick up where they left off as soon as your Mac re-establishes its Internet connection. No auto-resume or dialog? Why 10 seconds—practically an eon in computer-cycle time? Besides, quitting and relaunching a misbehaving app, wait or no wait, is the universal first-line palliative. Do you have any tips to share for the Mac App Store? Let us know in the comments. And for bonus points, how many of the above icons can you identify?

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I never realized cmd-[ and cmd-] were the back and forward commands. NO Jailbreak Required. Though this app in not available in the English language, all apps on this app store are available in the English language itself.

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Weighing the Pros and Cons of Apple’s Mac App Store

Once they. The list of alternatives was updated Oct From the makers of the popular MediaBox HD app. With iTunes open, make sure the App Store tab is selected, then scroll all the way to the bottom and click the circular flag icon in the lower-right corner. Head over to explore them all and pick out a smart one for your iOS to deal with documents more efficiently:. For this firstly you need to download Bluestacks from its official website.

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How To Fix iTunes Doesn't Have App Store - The Easiest Way To Get The App Store Back In iTunes

There are different ways to download app store on PC. Your music, TV shows, movies, and podcasts will transfer automatically to the new Apple Music, Apple TV, and Apple Podcasts apps, where you'll still have access to your favorite iTunes features, including purchases, rentals, and imports. This is a handy workaround to download apps to the first generation iPad.