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Unfortunately it is incredibly difficult to compress a file, and could take many failed attempts to get it to zip properly.

The necessary steps are as follows, however be sure to follow every step precisely. Depending on the size and number of items being compressed it could take a few minutes.

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A window will pop up showing the progress and remaining time. This is the easiest way to zip files on a Mac, however there are no options to set a password and it does not allow compressing to. Macs do come with a way of setting a password on a newly created zip file, however it requires the use of Terminal. So it would look something like this:. You must also enter the file format of the file.

Press Enter and Terminal will ask you to enter and then verify a password for the zipped file. Your post was a huge help! The default filter compress way too much. I was resizing an scanned contract, and the result was, indeed, very small, but the result of the text was almost unreadable.

I found this solution to make your own compression filters so you can have a range to choose from. I just tried and works like a charm!. Now I have 4 reduction scales to choose. Kudos for Kirk McElhear mcelhearn.

That then brought my scanned documents down from around 10MB each to around KB and the figures were still clear and readable. Then export to pdf. I had a 12 page scanned PDF document that was 3. But then I opened the file up and it was extremely fuzzy, to the point that the text was unreadable. Looking for a better solution. With an image intensive file I faced the problem that you warned at the and of the article: the file became larger than the original one. How do I find out the size of the document. The issue I had was that a 20mb pdf derived from a 40mb png file from a scanner was reduced to a 20kb file that was very grainy, albeit perfect for viewing as an icon, not so good when using it as a scanned building layout.

The size was a reasonable 5. This reduced a file from 4MB down to 38kb—way too small. I just upgraded to Mavericks from Snow Leopard. Thanks, I had the same problem!

mac - Compress PDF with adjustable ratio - Ask Different

Preview always uses the same filter. Name required.

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    May 22, at am. RHP says:. May 3, at am. Michelle says:. May 1, at pm. Alex says:. April 5, at am. Mike says:. January 22, at am. Is a bug in the latest versions of OSX that prevents self-made Quartz-filters from. Tips tricks and tagged How to reduce size or compress PDF files? Communities ; Hi guys, Does someone knows if there is a way to reduce the size of the PDF file with good quality even on Pictures and Scanned documents?

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    I know the option 'export', 'quartz filter' 'reduce size', but the compression is so extrem. Reducing pdf size mac lion - WordPress. How can I reduce file size? Latest Mountain Lion Hints. Is there a way that the user can configure the constant size of a PDF form. I got 20 PDF format files and I need to resize it using my dell desktop computer with an operating system of mac. How to reduce output file size? If you still want the output size smaller, you can set the parameters on the window lower, including bit rate, resolution, and frame rate.

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