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  2. Boom for Mac is a beautiful equalizer that legitimately improves your sound
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  4. Spotify added a neat equalizer to its iOS app

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Thus eqMac is a highly recommended app. Pretty nice equalizer for being free.

Instant access to millions of songs

It will only work for your internal speakers. It works, but the drop down menu only has one option: I want the high bass, jazz, and other custom EQ features though.

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I get dual sound outputs from both the headphone output and eqMac concurrently. Is there a way to mute the headphone output only? Hi Vernon, actually the headphones might not been plugged completely it happened with us too.. Please try to unplug and replug any other headphones to check whether the issue still persists.. Great add on. Getting the most out of my music now.

Got that bass to drown out the incessant stream of pop music from my coworkers. Follow up to my previous comment. Ive now had some time to use this add on.

While it is still great to be able to adjust output levels it has some serious glitches. When reopening my laptop I have to either close the EQ or reopen if it is closed to get sound output. If you turn it all the way up it does indeed make your output louder but when you use the Mac volume controls it stays loud all the way down the last click then it mutes so there is very little actual volume control.


Boom for Mac is a beautiful equalizer that legitimately improves your sound

With a few tweaks this will be an excellent add on but as it is right now it is one where you will need to decide if the flaws are worth the extra headaches. Yes it does needs some tweaks.. But its a good add-on overall if you have the habit of closing all apps before shut down. I downloaded it and it worked great but the second I restarted my computer my audio got totally messed up, the sound sis all tiny and totally distorted and I have no way of fixing it. I just noticed that any audio from the laptop whether its coming from the Mac itself or from a bluetooth speaker is also totally messed up.

Nothing appears after I double click the DMG file. What did you do? Have I missed something?

How to add an equalizer to Spotify - CNET

I was about to post the same. The new version has 31 bands and it's easy to use and install. Been looking for a solution for awhile so happy to find it.

Equalizer for Spotify

Here's the github: I would have added this to another thread, but Spotify seems to be making some forum changes, so couldn't. I have them both and they are amazing!

  • Boom for Mac is a beautiful equalizer that legitimately improves your sound.
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Thank you. I cannot believe why spotify app lack of an eq. They sell music distribution and in music eq is a personal taste. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies in accordance with our cookie policy.

Spotify added a neat equalizer to its iOS app

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